Our Staff
Teachers change the world one child at a time...

All our teachers are impressive professionals and true advocates of learning and discovering. In Colegio Rex we put a lot of effort in identifying potential staff and we take into consideration their professional experience, formal education, length of tenure at their previous schools and their on-going commitment to professional development. We are fortunate to have an outstanding team of teaching staff, with a tremendous experience base and background.


Kinder 2 - SEP Teacher
Luz Rubio
PE SEP Teacher
Brianda Obeso
Daniela Pérez
Kinder 1 - SEP Teacher
Larissa Melín
Kinder 3 - AB Teacher
Megan MacFadyen
Kinder 3 - SEP Teacher
Ana Sofía Arias
Grade 6 - AB Teacher
Fernanda González
Grade 4 - AB Teacher
Jennifer Bergmann
Grade 5 - AB Teacher
Graham Mackenzie
Grade 3 - AB Teacher
Paulette Desautels
Grade 2 - AB Teacher
Marlie Dwyer
Grade 1 - AB Teacher
Gabby Aucoin
Grade 5 - SEP Teacher
Susana Ruiz
Linda Zatarain
Grade 1 - SEP Teacher
Paulina Bustamante
Grade 2 - SEP Teacher & SEP Primary VP
Maricarmen Álvarez
Grade 3 - SEP Teacher
Perla Blanco
Grade 6 - SEP Teacher
Karen Muñoz
Grade 4 - SEP Teacher
Ana Karen Meza
SEP Teacher
Mariana Ocampo
SEP Teacher
Martha Erika Muñoz
SEP Teacher
Liliana Gárate
SEP Teacher
Francisco Ontiveros
SEP Teacher
Abel Ibarra
SEP Teacher
Xochitl Negrete
SEP Teacher
Emilia Sánchez
SEP Teacher
Alberto Borrego
SEP Teacher
Roberto Hurtado
Grade 7 - AB Teacher
Tanner Bergmann
Grade 8 - AB Teacher & AB VP
Robyn Luff
Administration Assistant
Daniella Díaz
School Psychologist
Dafne Neve
School Nurse
Maricela Aguirre
Vanessa Arámburo
Student Records & HR Coordinator
Berenize Lizárraga
Gaby Rojas
Head of School
Lorianne Tenove
Finance Administrator
Alegría Carrillo
Joel Gallegos
Secondary Principal
Beatriz Huitrado
Primary Principal & School VP
Julieta Lizárraga
Preschool & Kindergarten Principal
Anallely Pérez
We are always looking for highly qualified educators to join our staff!