Admisión Kindergarten (K3)

Enrolling Your Child

Parents wishing to enroll their children at Colegio Rex should follow the Guidelines for Admission. 

Guidelines for Admission

Colegio Rex is offering the Alberta Program of Studies which is a rigorous program taught in English. Not all students will be able to adequately learn a new language and be able to reach program standards. We reserve the right to determine the admission of any students into the program.

K3 5

Criteria for Admission

  1. Description of disabilities and/or testing (physical, behavioral, emotional) that may impact learning. Please note that we do take special needs students that are able to function within our facility and faculty limitations.
  2. Signature and acceptance of the school contract.


Application Procedures

  1. Complete an Application Form (Forms are located in the main office)
  2. Submit all necessary paperwork.
  3. Following administration review of paperwork attend an admissions interview.
  4. Parents will be notified of their child’s admission status by phone or email.

**Parents are encouraged to contact the school directly and speak to the appropriate principal if they wish a tour or exploratory meeting in advance of a formal application**

You can request an appointment using the form below:

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