Welcome to Colegio Rex Secondary!

Our school goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge or specific skills. It is centered in generating deep educational changes by creating an effective learning environment that strengthens the leadership, cognitive and psycho emotional aspects of our students via an immediate and personalized attention.

At Colegio Rex we have an atmosphere that inspires cordiality and kindness among teachers and students, who work together in a digital classroom fueled by tools and contents provided by companies and organizations such as Google for Education, Cambridge ESOL, Epson, UNESCO and Discovery.

Our curriculum is based on transversality, which challenges the creativity and intelligence of our students and enables them to achieve the highest level in active learning.

Our students develop skills based on personal reflection, and on conversations with their teachers, principal and psychologist who make sure to show real interest for the growth of each student. We believe in formative discipline as the ground floor for the students’ adaptational development, so we run the program STOP BULLYING throughout the whole school year aiming to promote respect for human dignity.

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