Job application

Colegio Rex Canadian school is a growing school and we are always looking for excellent Alberta Certified teachers and SEP teachers (must speak fluent English).

We are an Alberta school located in beautiful, warm Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. This is a very safe Mexican city and the people are wonderful. We have a strong team of excellent teachers who are very supportive, skilled and helpful. Our facility is environmentally friendly and beautiful.

We are a relatively new school and are now operating in our 11th year. We began with only kindergarten and grade 1 and now have up to grade 8 (Alberta Program) and Grade 9 (Mexican curriculum only). In addition, most teachers only contract for 2 years so we have a regular turn over of teaching staff. Next year we will add grade 9 and so on until the Alberta Program reaches from K to Grade 12. So, we are always in need of new teachers.

If you are a strong, competent person who rather enjoys adventures then we are the school for you. Our classes are held to a maximum of 25 students and some are much smaller than that as we split groups over the maximum to make a second class. Teachers have preparation time every day with all having at least 1 hour and many having 1.5 hours per day. We provide a salary package and a benefit package and of course take care of the necessary work visa. We have delightful students who are warm and caring and supportive parents.