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Donation for Ukrainian Refugees

Ukraine is one of the communities we study in Grade 3 Social Studies, and in this time we talked about the conflict with Russia. Students were concerned and felt sad for the Ukrainian refugees. Miss Christine asked them if they would like to help them and they suggested selling pop-its at school. They advertised their […]

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Science Fair Complete Success

Science Fair Complete Success Being able to observe various physical phenomena through hands-on experiments in their classrooms, preschool students are interested in exploration, discovery, and critical thinking. Look at the photo gallery we’ve put together for you and see your future scientist in action!

Canadá es el destino #1 para la educación superior dicen estudiantes según encuesta

Versión traducida al español de: Christy Somos Writer @C_Somos Contact Published Thursday, October 14, 2021 4:30AM EDT Last Updated Thursday, October 14, 2021 4:35AM EDT     TORONTO — Alumnos alrededor del mundo han coronado a Canadá como su opción favorita para su educación superior, por encima de los Estados Unidos, Reino Unido y […]